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Useful Links and Websites


Disability Living Allowance

Please follow the link below to find out about the Disability Living Allowance, including information about whether your eligible to apply and how to apply for it.



Family Fund 

Please follow the link below to find out more information on Family Fund, a charity that provides grants to families to support children with additional needs.

There is information on the website about who is eligible to apply for a grant and how to apply for  it.



National Autism Society 

This website provides information, guidance and advice for families on autism. Please follow the link below to access the website.



Tower Hamlets SEND Information, Advice and Support Service

This service provides information and advice to parents of children with special educational needs and disability. Please click on the link below to find out how to contact the service.



Access card

This card can be applied for to support your child. On the card it will share their needs through symbols. This card can then be shown to different organisations (who accept the card) such as Thorpe Park or London Zoo, where they make adaptions to support your child's experiences .e.g quicker access in queues.



One - Minute Guides

Please follow the links below to find a short guide written by Tower Hamlets on Annual Reviews and Education, Health and Care Plan Assessment.         

Annual Reviews - https://www.localoffertowerhamlets.co.uk/documents/1132-one-minute-guide-for-the-annual-review-of-education-health-and-care-plans            

Education, Health and Care Plan Assessment - https://www.localoffertowerhamlets.co.uk/documents/1131-one-minute-guide-to-education-health-care-plan-needs-assessment