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SEN Vision


At Olga Primary School we thrive to have a supportive inclusive environment, where high quality teaching is embedded in our practise, ensuring that children with additional needs are purposefully involved and making good progress for their learning journey.

We want all children to experience a rich and varied curriculum, based on enjoyable, hands on activities that provide them with deeper understanding and long-lasting experiences. We aim for children with additional needs to be taught alongside their peers ensuring they are an active participant.

We aim for children with additional needs to be identified as early as possible, including children joining our Early Years and new arrivals in different year groups.

We strongly believe that a team approach is key to children’s success in their journey through school. We aim for parents to act as partners, ensuring that their voice is heard, and they actively contribute to discussions around next steps and children’s targets.

We aim to create a strong and experienced network of support team around a child, by closely working with external professionals. Within the school day we recognise that every adult plays a vital role in ensuring a child’s success, and therefore we promote a culture of collaboration, discussion, and informed shared strategies.

By the time that children leave Olga Primary School we aim for all children, including those with additional needs to be confident and empowered learners who can communicate about their needs and how they learn best, recognising the power and impact of their own voice.