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School Development Plan 202122



Our ambition is for Olga to be a truly inclusive school where the curriculum inspires the children and expands their horizons, supporting them to develop and apply their skills and talents and giving them the opportunity to experience a wide range of activities. 

Our curriculum drivers of Environment, Growth, Possibilities and Community will become embedded within our curriculum and whole school life. We want to work in partnership with each other, with parents, in the local community and the wider national and international communities in order to give our children a positive sense of identity, to open up possibilities and realise their potential.

For our children we aim to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding in all aspects of life: academic, social, physical and emotional. We want them to enjoy learning, be resilient, and have a growth mindset, to show empathy and respect for others and to understand that different people may have different views. We want them to be ambitious and outward looking, to feel positive about themselves, to be assertive, to make excellent progress in their learning and to be ready for secondary school and the wider world.

Our current context

Since March 2020 Olga and education as a whole has faced many challenges due to the coronavirus pandemic. Alongside this the school has had a change in head teacher and a new SLT was created (delayed by a term due to the pandemic) in January 2021. There has been no statutory testing for two academic years. The SDP for 2021 – 2023 has taken into account areas to develop that were halted due to the pandemic as well as ensuring we are working to move the school forward to continue to improve on its journey of self-improvement.

Development points from the last OFSTED Inspection are:

Improve outcomes for pupils in writing by: challenging and stretching the most able, enabling them to flourish as strong, confident writers.

Enhance provision in the early years by: ensuring that strengths in promoting positive behaviour are extended across the whole day.

Our ‘Golden Threads’ moving the school forward are:

  • CPD for all staff
  • Developing pupil voice
  • Developing our environment so it is fit for purpose for a larger primary school



Quality of Education

Teaching and Learning

  • 1.1 To continue to raise attainment and improve progress of all children across the school with a focus on oracy, ensuring it is consistently embedded. (continued from 2020 SDP)
  • 1.2 To use assessment and high-quality interventions to ensure that all children make good progress, especially those where the gap has widened during the wider school closure;
  • 1.3 To revisit and further embed our whole school teaching and learning policy, practice and expectations in the light of school closures.
  • 1.4 To further develop our use of IT to support learning in school and at home, including for those children who are unable to attend while school is open. (continued from 2020 SDP)


  • 1.5 To continue to implement and develop our curriculum, focusing on progression in skills and knowledge and clarity of expectations (continued from 2020 SDP)
  • 1.6 Ensure purposeful diversity and representation across the curriculum.

Behaviour and Attitudes

  • 2.1 To rebuild and recover our school community and ethos following the extended wider school closure, providing appropriate and effective support so that all stakeholders feel secure, included and able to be the best they can be. (continued from 2020 SDP)
  • 2.2 Ensure consistent whole school behaviour as school expands.
  • 2.3 Develop the school environment to promote support and celebrate positive attitudes to learning
  • 2.4 To improve the lunchtime experience for all children.

Personal Development

  • 3.1 To implement and embed our PHSE curriculum in the light of the changes to the statutory guidance
  • 3.2 Understand, develop and promote good practice regarding the well-being and mental health of our whole school community.
  • 3.3 Develop pupil voice

Leadership and Management

  • 4.1 To develop the new SLT
  • 4.2 Ensure the vision, values and ethos of the school are embedded in the light of school closures and the change in leadership. (continued from 2020 SDP)
  • 4.3 To continue to develop the leadership skills of middle leaders. (continued from 2020 SDP)
  • 4.4 To ensure that early career teachers continue to develop their skills and understanding in teaching and learning and are supported.
  • 4.5.To continue to develop parental engagement and support in the context of Covid 19 and beyond.
  • 4.6 Support and develop changeover of new C of G in Sept 2021
  • 4.7 develop the effectiveness of the office team to ensure it is fit for purpose in a three-form entry school.
  • 4.8 introduce and develop the changeover in the kitchen from CH and Co to Chefs in Schools.


Effectiveness of the Early Years

  • 5.1 To create an enabling outdoor environment that meets the needs of all learners and provides challenge.
  • 5.2 To develop and embed a new ambitious EYFS curriculum in line with the new framework and linked to the school drivers.
  • 5.3 To develop interventions and strategies to close the gap between part time nursery and full-time nursery.
  • 5.4 To improve the lunchtime experience for all children