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“The important thing is to never stop questioning” - Albert Einstein

In Science at Olga we promote feelings of ‘awe and wonder’ in our children and broaden their horizons. Science at Olga is planned around our curriculum drivers of community, growth, environment and possibilities. Children follow their own interests and lines of enquiry and we encourage them to pose their own questions, find things out by themselves and learn from their mistakes.


We build on the ‘Switched on Science‘ curriculum to provide all of our children with an exciting and ambitious science curriculum. Our children learn practically and collaboratively with a variety of hands-on activities to engage and inspire them. Children experience many trips and visitors to support engagement and learning.

Our children engage with climate issues and are encouraged to consider their own and others environmental impact on the wider world.

Our annual science week allows us to engage in science in a cross-curricular way as well as giving us the opportunity to meet people from our community who work in Science. We aim to inspire many of our children to pursue a career in STEM and to become aspirational global citizens in an ever-changing world.

In upper KS2 we further build on children’s interest and enjoyment in science through an after school science club which focuses on activities from STEM.