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Design and Technology (DT)


“Design is not what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works" - Steve Jobs

At Olga, our DT Curriculum aims to promote creativity, curiosity, and a love for learning. Children are taught a range of topics including mechanisms, food technology, textiles, electrical systems, leavers and sliders, and structures. Through first-hand experience, we aim for our children to leave Year 6 with knowledge and skills of DT which will encourage children to become engineers, chefs, carpenters, sculptures, designers, and architects. We understand the vital role of DT in preparing our children with skills for life that will allow them to be creative individuals as they become active learners and active citizens.

Our DT curriculum is designed to allow our children to creatively design and make products that overcome real-life problems. We encourage children to make mistakes as we believe it is an integral part of learning. Our curriculum allows children to experiment and test out products before designing and creating their products.

Why Is DT Important? 


Useful DT websites:




What did our children have to say about DT:

Adam - “I love making things and cooking”

Theo - “I really love design things and then building them”.

Yasin - “DT is fun because we get to make things and try out new things”.

Alma - “We made lots of fruit salad and I loved eating it”.

Dalia - “We get to use equipment that we might not have at home to make our product”.

Danny - “I love sharing my work with the class and making stuff”.