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Olga’s curriculum is based on the 2014 National Curriculum and our school drivers. Our ambitious curriculum and the drivers are designed to prepare our children for the responsibilities and challenges of life in the wider world. Embedded within our curriculum is a focus on oracy skills. Sentence structures, ambitious vocabulary and oracy guidelines are built upon throughout the school. Our aim is to give our children the skills, knowledge and attitude to be pro-active, successful and happy members of our diverse society.


Children build an understanding of themselves and their identity within their family, their local community and the wider world. There is a focus on celebrating diversity, acceptance and understanding difference. We celebrate a diverse range of people and the positive contributions and impact they have made in our world.  



Children explore and understand possibilities for their futures in both the world of work and their wider life experiences. We build their aspirations and open their eyes to consider how education and attitude can help them to achieve their goals in the future.



Children build an understanding of the world they live in and the impact of human action on that world. They understand the role they play in this now and in the future and how they can make a difference. 



Children develop a mindset which enables them to learn and grow in all areas throughout their lives. It allows them to understand that, through effort, they can improve. Valuing challenge and celebrating mistakes as opportunities to learn underpins all our learning and teaching at Olga Primary School. 


Developing our Curriculum with our Community

The drivers were developed with our children, parents and staff and reflect the culture, values and ethos of our school. Are aim is to continue to embed these throughout our whole curriculum and look for opportunities to develop them further.

At present we are currently in the process of implementing our new curriculum, informed by our whole school focus on oracy and knowledge and skills building within each curriculum subject. We have been learning about cognitive load and oracy and we are developing associated strategies in class. Our curriculum development is an ongoing process taking place over several years. In light of covid our curriculum has developed further to include Forest School, daily mile and mindfulness. We are developing an innovative curriculum, with opportunities for deep and rich learning experiences. The National Curriculum is a “mastery” curriculum and we understand that children should repeat and build on content across the key stage to gradually deepen their understanding.