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Vision & Values


“Be The Best You Can Be”

  1. All of us are working together so that throughout your time at Olga you will “Be the Best You Can Be”.
  2. You will be provided with the support and experiences you need so that you can feel you have achieved your very best.
  3. You will learn new and exciting things and be inspired to continue learning throughout the rest of your life.
  4. You will be supported so that you believe in yourself and develop your abilities to their potential.
  5. You will be encouraged to help create a school where everyone works together in a spirit of co-operation, personal growth and friendship.
  6. You will learn and work in a safe environment where everyone understands the importance of being healthy and happy, as well as the value of looking after ourselves and each other.
  7. You will feel included, listened to and be encouraged to fully play your part in creating a school and local community where everyone feels a sense of ownership and pride.